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Monday, March 12, 2012

Ancient Greek Festival

We had an Ancient Greek study unit last school quarter, so for our final grade for Ancient Greece, we had an Ancient Greek festival. we decorated the room that the festival was in, the tech lab, to simulate an agora, or the maret place that greeks did their everyday shopping, parties, and politics. We dressed up in Greek clothes and colors. Many people made a bedsheet of a towel into a toga. We had booths for every 2 people, and every booth was assigned a topic, such as the Olympics, Greek inventions, Greek food, the Persian Wars, Greek weaponry, or Greek mythology. I was assigned Greek Drama and Theater. My partner and I brought some clay, duct tape, and a shoebox to school. We made a model of a Greek theater out of these things. We also found these great mask coloring pages on the internet:
People colored these masks, and if the design on the mask matched the face on the mask, the person that colored the mask would get a candy. Pretty easy.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Winchester Mystery House

On Wednesday we went to Winchester Mystery House. It's so cool! It has crazy things like a window in the floor, a stairway that leads to a ceiling, several dead ends, and a chimney that doesn't make it past a roof. It even has a "DOOR TO NOWHERE " that leads to an eight foot drop into the outside garden! Wow!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loops, loops and more loops

2 days ago I went on my first loop-the-loop ever on the Vortex at Californias's Great Adventure:

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VortexThe Vortex features a 91-foot lift hill, a 360-degree loop and weaving, twisting track that threads its way through the eye of the loop. You ride standing and straddling bicycle-type seats in trains that travel up to 45 miles an hour. Padded shoulder harnesses secure the riders - four abreast - in their cars. 

Sick, eh? When I went on it I could keep my bearings through the drop after the lift hill, but after that, they were dead. I couldn't even tell if I was upside down or right side up. Another few coasters I didn't go on:

Fall head-over-heels! This new thrill ride will take 40 brave riders to a height of 60 feet, then subject them to 360 degree vertical arcs as they twist, turn and spin through both fire and water effects.

Tiki Twirl
Surrounded by the sounds of tribal music and jungle drums, thrill seekers embark on a journey past fiery 40-foot tall torches, exotic tribal relics and tropical landscaping on Tiki Twirl.
Fire up on the fierce new Delirium—a powerful spinning pendulum that will send you whirling.
Experience airtime and multiple loops as you encounter The Demon... As the "senior member" of the roller coaster contingent at Great America, this ride still packs a punch!
Drop Tower Scream Zone
Experience the rush of gravity as you descend 22 stories in less than four seconds on the Drop Tower, one of the tallest and most intense free-fall rides in the world. Hold on tight as your vehicle coasts down the 224-foot tower in complete safety.
Going to a new home
After 12 years of service at California's Great America, Cedar Fair has decided to move the ride to another Cedar Fair park and open up a new opportunity for Great America.
Flight Deck
Time to take off on Flight Deck, the incredible suspended "jet coaster." Soar through a 360-degree vertical loop, two 270-degree afterburn turns, a full-circle wingover, and a zero gravity roll. If that's not enough, you take this 50-mile-per-hour flight in a floorless coach, suspended below the coaster's steel track.